Quote1.png Whatsamatta, Elmer? No more bu-wetts? Duck season! Wabbit season! Th-th-that's all, folks! "Oh, 'dem dukes, 'dem dukes!" Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "The evil that men do Part 1: What's new pussycat?"

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Synopsis for "The evil that men do Part 1: What's new pussycat?"

Los Angeles: Felicia Hardy gets a phone call from her friend Meg, worried about their mutual friend Tricia Lane, who hasn't been in the news for days and should be in New York. Felicia is not very worried, but in the end she agrees to look for Tricia. New York: Donald Phillips one of Peter Parker's students died as a result of a heroin overdose, and Peter became suspicious because there was no sign of drug use on the body, so he decides to investigate.While Felicia arrives in New York, Spider-Man's investigations lead him to actor Hunter Todd, who apparently drugged Donald to rape him, and who buys the drug from a certain Mr. Brownstone. Felicia is also determined to investigate Todd, having been sentimentally linked to Tricia. Spider-Man pawn Todd and a woman and discovers that they are calling Brownstone for a delivery and decides to wait for him to arrive so as to take all those responsible for Donald's death in one fell swoop. Unfortunately the Black Cat sees him from afar while he is spying on Todd, and not recognizing him decides to take him out of the way is the best way to ingratiate Todd and get him the information she needs, so she attacks him, and when she recognizes it is too late to stop. The two break through the window and fall into Todd's loft. Spider-Man begins to question the actor, but suddenly the latter and the woman he was with overdose. From Todd's phone the voice of a man declares that he is giving the actor and woman enough doses to kill them before they can give any more information. The man closes the call declaring himself to be Mr. Brownstone.


  • Felicia's inner dialogue in this issue seem to imply that she is bisexual. This was later confirmed in Black Cat #10.

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