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Black Cat
I really hate you, you know that?
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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 50 Spider-Man Timeless Variant.jpg
And I am thoroughly disgusted by you.
Welcome back, party-hardy.
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Appearing in "The evil that men do Part 2: A ruse by any other name..."

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  • Ambulance


Synopsis for "The evil that men do Part 2: A ruse by any other name..."

At the Carnegie Hall the famous billionaire Garrison Klum, closes the call and tells his assistant Francis to remove Hunter Todd from the customer list, then he goes on stage to receive an award. Spider-Man and the Black Cat have a brief discussion about their past relationship, but they immediately make peace and after taking stock of the situation they decide to work together to hunt down Mr. Brownstone. While circling the city, it is clear that the two still feel attracted to each other. At Carnegia Hall, Klum is attacked by the supervillain Scorpia (Elaine Coll), and as they pass by, the spider and the cat decide to intervene. In short the two defeat Scorpia, and end up exchanging a kiss during the fight. After a brief dialogue with Klum, Peter begins to suspect that he is Mr. Brownstone.

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