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I don't have their heartbeats anymore... My god... He's a teleporter?
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Worse... He's telekinetic.
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Appearing in "The evil that men do Part 4: A study in Scarlet"

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Synopsis for "The evil that men do Part 4: A study in Scarlet"

In the Ryker's Island prison, Felicia Hardy receives a visit from her new lawyer, Matt Murdock. The latter after telling her that he will replace the ex officio lawyer who represented her during her arrest.

Felicia is accused of the murder of Garrison Klum, and risks being sentenced to death; her lawyer would like to prove the legitimate defense thesis, declaring that Klum raped her and that Felicia was forced to eliminate him. The Black Cat, however, goes on a rampage to hear about rape, and declares that she does not want to take medical examinations and has not killed Klum.

Back in his studio, Murdock meets Peter Parker, who hired him as Felicia's lawyer, and informs him that according to her heartbeat, the latter told the truth when she said she didn't kill Klum. After Matt advised him against going to see Felicia, Peter decides to get her out, and convinces his friend to help him.

That night Spider-Man and Daredevil infiltrated the prison in order to free the Black Cat, but they found many guards killed, and Felicia in the company of Francis. The latter, after using telepathy to force the two heroes to fight each other, teleports away with Felicia.

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