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Jawohl und nein.
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That means yes and no.
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What am I, retarded?
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Appearing in "The evil that men do Part 5: Trickle down"

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Synopsis for "The evil that men do Part 5: Trickle down"

Francis takes Felicia on the Queensboro Bridge, and starts talking to her about his past: Garrison was his older brother. When they were in high school, Garrison forced him to have a sexual intercourse with him. Because of Garrison, Francis discovered he possessed powers far more advanced than his brother's: to transport himself to great distances, and to be able to force others to do what he wanted (Garrison was immune to this power). At the same time, Spider-Man and Daredevil meet with Nightcrawler, who tells them how the Nazis experimented in transplanting human mutant genes, creating human-mutant hybrids with teleportation powers. Nightcrawler deduces that it was Francis who killed Garrison, teleporting into his body, and making him explode from within, and thanks to data obtained by Cerebra, Spider-Man and Daredevil understand that Felicia and Francis could still be in the city. After he and Garrison made their fortune by exploiting their powers, and as his brother raped him even as an adult, Felicia tries to convince him to constitute himself, saying she was raped too.

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