Quote1.png Great! Communication! Okay, just three things! A) Do you think A-Force monitor duty is pants-optional? 2) If you secretly sniffed Doop when he was asleep once, do you need to go to confession? Annnnnd... is your boss Peter Parker an evil genius or just an evil villain? Mostly that last one. Quote2.png
-- Deadpool

Appearing in "Isn't It Bromantic? Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Isn't It Bromantic? Part Two"

Deadpool is in bed on his laptop, consulting Shiklah on wether or not he should go through with killing Peter Parker. Shiklah says that if Deadpool thinks that Parker is bad news, than he should go ahead with it.

Later, Peter Parker swings through the New York streets as Spider-Man. While swinging, he gets a call from the "Ultimate" Spider-Man, Miles Morales, about a mugging spree. Meanwhile, Miles is trying to deal with Deadpool, who is going around hugging people until he can get Spidey's attention. Deadpool notices that Miles isn't the Spider-Man he wants, and assumes that Miles is a clone. Before Deadpool can do anything, however, he gets webbed on the butt and hung up-side-down by the non-Ultimate Spider-Man. Miles tells Spidey that he hates his friend, and Spidey tells him that he and Deadpool aren't friends. Deadpool starts talking nonsense, and Spidey starts to leave. Deadpool promises not to make any more nads jokes, and tells Spidey that he needs to talk to him.

After a few random questions, Deadpool asks Spidey if his boss Peter Parker is an evil genius, or an evil villain. Neither of the Spider-Men are paying attention to Wade, however, as both of their spider-senses start tingling. They both start yelling and punch Deadpool in the face, the webbing that is supporting Deadpool snaps and he starts falling, while he tries to figure out why Spidey and Miles flew off the handle. Meanwhile, from the Spider-Mens' point of view, they're fighting off a goblin invasion. Deadpool concludes that they're hallucinating, as they're the only ones who are seeing the goblins. Spidey and Miles try to form a plan. Before they can proceed however, Deadpool drives the side of a building in his Dead-Buggy (a repainted Spider-Mobile), and leaps off and tackles Spidey. As Spidey, Miles and Wade fall, the Spider-Men attack Wade assuming that he's working with the goblins. While Spidey starts punching Wade, and ranting about how evil and untrustworthy he is, Deadpool shoots out the webware on their web shooters, which was the cause of the goblin hallucination. The Spider-Men stop fighting Deadpool, and they all land in the Dead-Buggy. As they drive, Spidey explains that someone hacked the wetware interface. Deadpool says that Peter Parker hacked it. They lock on to the signal and go there. Meanwhile, the real menace behind the hallucination is revealed to be Mysterio. Just then, the Dead Buggy crashes through the wall with all three passengers screaming, and then ends up hitting Mysterio, stopping soon afterwards. Spidey shuts down the wetware transmission signal and locks up the network as Deadpool does CPR on Mysterio.

After bringing him around and waiting for the medics, Spidey thanks Deadpool for everthing, and leaves. Wade sneaks in to Parker Industries, and finds scientists illegally experimenting on an unwilling subject. Deadpool kills everyone in the room, except the prisoner, and gets a phone call. It's from his mysterious employer. Now convinced that Parker is pure evil, Deadpool tells his employer that he accepts the contract on Parker's life.

Solicit Synopsis

• Spidey and Deady (Pooly?) get a visit from MILES MORALES!

• A goblin invasion puts Deadpool and the Spider-Men in a tight spot!

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