Quote1 My God, Wade. That's the worst pep talk I've ever heard... but it worked! Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "One Night In Madripoor Makes Spider-Man Humble"

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Synopsis for "One Night In Madripoor Makes Spider-Man Humble"

Spider-Man wakes up in Madripoor; he is attacked by a robotic Patch which is destroyed when he leaps out of a window with it. On the street below he learns he is trapped in Arcade’s Murderworld, with three other victims whom he must try to save despite them all being horrible people, plus a little girl. Meanwhile, in a flashback, Deadpoll defeats and kills an assassin called Stinger, and finds on his person a golden ticket to Arcade’s Murderworld. He flies to Madripoor and meets with Arcade, who tells him he is dying and would like to pass Murderworld down to Deadpool, but he must help him kill Spider-Man first. Spider-Man learns the little girl was a robot all along and reluctantly destroys her when she spews gas at him. When Deadpool refuses to help kill Spidey Arcade drops him down into Murderworld too.

Solicit Synopsis

• When the villainous ARCADE decides to build a second, even deadlier Murderworld in Madripoor, he kidnaps Spider-Man and forces him to be the park’s first guest!

• Deadpool, meanwhile, has a bone to pick with Arcade... Namely that his terrifying theme parks are besmirching murder and its good name!


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