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Quote1.png Rocks beat paper, Screwball. And more importantly, WMDs beat paper. C'mon. Let's go sell these toys to the highest bidder! Daddy needs some new stuffed animals! Quote2.png
-- Deadpool

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Synopsis for 1st story

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

Spider-Man Versus Deadpool Part 3

• The first arc of the new era of SM/DP climaxes with our heroes facing THE CHAMELEON!

• The mimicry villain’s plan is more than just changing HIS appearance. It takes Chameleon from his level of petty crook and puts him shoulder to shoulder with the world’s most terrifying super villains!

• Spider-Man and Deadpool do their darnedest to take down the elusive villain, but it’s hard to punch someone when he could look like anyone!

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