Quote1.png ...life is about redemption and forgiving. By sacrificing himself to save you and your mom, I'd say he redeemed himself. In effect, he became a good man. Now you just have to learn to forgive him for the bad that was in him. I'm sorry your dad had to die to redeem himself, Stevie. Quote2.png
-- Ben Reilly

Appearing in "Redemption"

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  • Manhattan
    • Tombstone penthouse (Destruction)
    • Geraci Mansion
    • Marlowe apartment
    • Mayor's house
    • Daily Grind



  • Ambulance

Synopsis for "Redemption"

Spidey and Punisher escape the blast by leaping through a window; Spider-Man web-slings them to safety while Tombstone retreats with Steve Marlowe to Marlowe’s own apartment. At a meeting of the Geraci crime family, Mario reports that Punisher has no intention of killing Spider-Man as promised.[Continuity 1] Joey Geraci reflects on the deal he made with Tombstone to become head of the Geraci family; he didn’t think Tombstone would actually try to kill the elder Geraci; now he is worried the family will find out.

Meanwhile, young Stevie Marlowe decides to run away from his mother to live with his father who lets him do whatever he wants. At Marlowe’s apartment, a rage-filled Tombstone wonders how to proceed; he decides to have the mayor killed.[Continuity 2] Stevie walks in just as Tombstone has beat up one of his henchmen; Tombstone decides to keep the child as insurance as the Marlowe kills the mayor. The Punisher and Spider-Man, who deduced Tombstone would come to Marlowe’s apartment, watch from the roof, unwilling to jeopardize the child. Elsewhere, Stevie’s mother wakes up and realizes he’s gone.

Punisher leaves to prevent Marlowe from killing the mayor while Spider-Man will get the child to safety and take down Tombstone. Marlowe and his men kill several cops guarding the mayor’s apartment but Punisher stops them from killing the mayor and takes Marlowe back to Tombstone. Meanwhile, Marlowe’s wife bursts into Marlowe’s apartment looking for her son, just as Spider-Man begins to fight Tombstone. The Punisher bursts in soon too, but neither hero can act as Tombstone threatens both the wife and child. Marlowe himself tries a move on Tombstone but gets shot for his trouble; Punisher points a rocket launcher at Tombstone and fires. When the dust clears Punisher leaves while Spider-Man tries to help the wife and child.

The next day at the coffee shop, Ben Reilly tries to comfort the child by telling him to remember his father for the good things he did, especially sacrificing his life trying to save him.

Punisher meets with the Geraci family and says the ones who tried to kill Don Geraci are dead, but he could not kill Spider-Man out of honor. Tombstone’s body was not found but Punisher thinks he’ll be out of the picture awhile at least. He wonders if the closeness he feels to the Geraci family is a betrayal to his own deceased family.


Continuity Notes


  1. At the time of this story, the Punisher was a member of the Geraci crime family. This has been the status quo since Punisher Vol 3 #1.
  2. The mayor in this story is identified as Rudolph Giuliani who was mayor of New York from 1994 to 2001. His appearance here should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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