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It just feels weird, after all these years working outside the "system."
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Captain America
Will it help if I pin a gold star on your chest so everyone knows you've gone legit?
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Appearing in "Breakout: Part 2 of 5"

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  • S.H.I.E.L.D. choppers

Synopsis for "Breakout: Part 2 of 5"

Crossfire's Crew have ambushed the U-Foes at their Hiding place when Spider-Man drops in to say hi.

Solicit Synopsis

A vicious war between two gangs of escaped super-criminals rages in the streets of New York City!

  • And to stop them, Spider-Man must uncover the secrets of a mysterious woman who is caught in the middle!
  • But will uncovering these secrets jeopardize Spidey’s New Avengers connection?

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