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Quote1.png You think you're the only one to make bad choices? Whatever you did, you don't have the market cornered on selfish. I've dabbled... and it... cost me. You think all this is some type of prison? Maybe. I've thought like that too. Turned out I was the jailer. And I was the only one who could break myself out. Doctor Connors wanted me to make you see that, but the truth is... I can't make you do anything. No one can stop you from doing nothing and sinking deeper. Whatever you're scared of... You can take responsibility for it. You want to control this thing? Want to make Man-Thing more than a prison? That's where you start. You made a bad choice, Sallis. You did it. So what are you going to do now? Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Invasive Species"

Harriet Bromes, aka Harrower, is watching the world unfold from the deaths she has unleashed in her mad attempt to exterminate humanity. She is then confronted by her great-aunt Augusta and Lily Leymus at gunpoint. The Hordeculture has finally intervened to stop her genocide. However, Augusta and Lily fell into a trapdoor to another realm.

Meanwhile in the Man-Thing's mindscape, Steve Rogers expresses his disbelief of Ted Sallis' claims of never being the creator of the SO-2 Serum and again tries to convince him to regain control of the Man-Thing and stop Harriet. Ted only tells Steve that the Man-Thing was wrong to bring Steve to convince him otherwise, and instead he claims that his colleague Dr. Curt Connors is the one he should be looking for his help as he is supposedly responsible for cracking the serum. Ted then expels Steve from his mindscape and he awakens in the real world, where he finds Spider-Man (Miles Morales) helping She-Hulk.

Chapter Five: Meeting of the Monsters

Captain America brings the Man-Thing's husk to Dr. Connors at Empire State University. After being told of the situation from Steve, Curt expresses his surprise that he did not know of Ted being alive and is the Man-Thing. He recalls his early work with Ted, helping him to recreate the Super-Soldier Formula, and how his friend was put under pressure from his employers from Project Gladiator which led to his current condition no different from Curt's transformation into The Lizard. But, Curt is left genuinely confused of being told by Rogers for cracking the SO-2 Serum, which he did not. Just as Connors express his denialism, the Man-Thing's husk suddenly cocoons Connors and bringing his consciousness to meeting Ted.

Ted had purposely mislead Steve in order to meet with Curt and wanting his help to stop Harrower. But Curt is confused of why Ted thinks he needs his help regarding SO-2 as he believes Ted made the serum to work. Ted, however, remorsefully explains that he never did achieved to make it work. When the money for the project started dwindling with no results, and couldn't bear to disappoint his wife Ellen as his job was on the line, Ted resorted to making a "deal with the devil" that led him to perfecting SO-2 and costing him his life. Ted's meeting with Curt is cut short as Curt's lab is being attacked by a swarm of fungal drones, which they are being attracted to the Man-Thing's presence. Some of them are trying to rip into Curt's cocoon. This causes Curt to transform into The Lizard much to Ted's horror and dismay.

The Lizard awakens from his slumber and helps Captain America fighting off the swarm. Spider-Man unexpectedly enters the fray. Soon after, the drones burst into flames due to being felt threatened by the Man-Thing's power, as the creature is waking up according to The Lizard. The Lizard then immediately request Spider-Man's help to speak with Ted and convince him "to take hold of the monster within," knowing that his words had worked before with The Lizard and Curt.

Chapter Six: Mutualistic Mayhem

Spider-Man enters the Man-Thing's mindscape and sits down with Ted. Being honest and raw with his words, Spider-Man understands Ted's struggle and a selfish bad choice that transformed him into Man-Thing, and through speaking from his own experiences, he relates to the doctor by bringing up his own missteps; saying that he understands where Ted is at the moment and that he can still take responsibility for birthing Man-Thing. Spider-Man finally tells Ted that he can break free from his prison and control Man-Thing again only if he so chooses.

Spider-Man leaves from the mindscape and following afterwards the Man-Thing's husk absorbs all the drones, reclaiming their stolen matter and regaining his full body. But suddenly the Man-Thing abruptly disappeared, leaving everyone confused of where he had gone. The Lizard regress back into Curt, who then recalls about Ted making a "deal with the devil" in which he thinks Ted is looking to have a word.

Man-Thing travels to Ted's former lab where it is reveal in the past that Ted literally resorted to making a deal with the devil in which he looked to supernatural means to perfecting SO-2. Man-Thing mimics Ted's previous magical ritual to summon something. However, the ritual did not carry out what he wanted, as he finds Magik of the X-Men sitting on a windowsill behind him.

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MAN-THING’s supernatural abilities have been pirated thanks to HARROWER, a zealot intent on clearing humanity off the board so a new species can get a shot at the top. The world burns and fear is the accelerant! Meanwhile, SPIDER-MAN races across New York desperate to avert disaster and find the one man that just might be able to get through to Man-Thing...his former colleague CURT CONNORS, A.K.A. THE LIZARD! But deep within the Man-Thing’s psyche, it’s Spider-Man that discovers something he never expected: a devilish secret, and a doctor seeking redemption. Part 2 of 3!

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