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Appearing in "#1-B Our Friendly Neighbor Pt. 2"

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Synopsis for "#1-B Our Friendly Neighbor Pt. 2"

Yu is in his bedroom, sitting in a computer chair closely examining the Spider-Man Suit he found in the alley. Yu tries on the mask, taking a selfie doing Spider-Man's iconic hand (web shoot) pose. Yu tries on the whole suit and notices the button on the gloves. He presses it and a web shoots out sticking to his closet door. He panics and accidentally rips off his closet doors. Yu's father hears the noise and approaches his door as Yu shuts it. Yu's father leaves while telling him that he should be studying for his test. Yu heads out out of his home hoping to find a way to return the suit to Spider-Man, but realizes that he has no way of recognizing him. The only way Yu believes he can return it is by a chance encounter with Spider-Man as he passes by. Getting desperate Yu puts on the suit and poses on a nearby rooftop. Civilians notice him, and Yu realizes the mistake he made by drawing attention to himself dressed as Spider-Man. The Civilians get Yu's attention and point him to a building on fire in the distance. Yu remembers that he doesn't have any powers dressed as Spider-Man, as the civilians are confused as to why he isn't doing anything. Yu tries to escape by running down the fire escape stairs of the building. This attempt to escape fails as people notice him out of breath nearby. Yu runs and realizes that he doesn't have a plan if he gets there to the fire. Yu makes it to the burning building as a lady shouts at him that her child is still on the third floor. Yu unreluctantly climbs the building realizing that he'll get seriously hurt if he falls. Yu finds the young boy in the bathtub and carries him as the fire spreads as he tries to escape. Yu's consciousness is slipping, but he is filled with determination to change through his flashback of failing to help Toby.


On Yu's bag there are button pins of Spider-Man and Deadpool.

One of the civilians in the crowd watching Spider-Man has a heavy resemblance to Matt Murdock (Daredevil).

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