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Peter Parker joins Ned, MJ, and his other friends for a vacation in Europe; however, Peter's vacation from being Spider-Man quickly comes to an end when Nick Fury asks for his help in uncovering the mystery behind elemental creatures wreaking havoc across the continent.[1]


  • Zach Barack[12] as Zach


  • The title of the film was revealed via Instagram by Tom Holland, while making an appearance at ACE Comic Con 2018.[13]
  • Filming for this film started on July 2, 2018,[14] and wrapped on October 16, 2018.[15]
  • Originally scheduled with the American release date of July 5, 2019, it was later pushed forward to July 2, 2019.[16]


  • Nick Fury's licence plate in Prague read "ASM28965." This is a reference to Amazing Spider-Man #28 from September 1965, the first appearance of Molten Man.
      • This issue would again be referenced by a license plate, this time reading "2865 SEP."
    • In Berlin, Fury's licence plate read "MTU83779," a reference to Marvel Team-Up #83 from July 1979. Fury and Parker teamed-up in that issue.
    • In London, a turned over car's licence plate read "TASM143," a reference to Amazing Spider-Man #143, the first appearance of Cyclone.
    • Talos's licence plate read "HNM 62011," a reference to Hawkeye & Mockingbird #6 from 2011. This issue included a Nick Fury Skrull.
  • Mysterio initially claimed the MCU was Earth-616, creating a contradiction. When he's later revealed to be a fraud, his claim about the numbering of the MCU Earth is rendered invalid.
  • Among the pre-designed Spider-Man suits showcased in the Stark Industries Jet was that of the Earth-616 Iron Spider Armor.
  • The inclusion of Back in Black was a homage to Tony Stark's introduction in Iron Man.
  • Peter taking a selfie while web-slinging is a reference to Marvel's Spider-Man, where this is actually a game mechanic.
  • This film marks the first time in Marvel cinematic history that the secret identity of Spider-Man has been made public in any universe.
  • The scene in which Spider-Man covers his eyes in order to ignore Mysterio's illusions and be guided solely by his Spider-Sense is a direct reference to the battle Spider-Man and Mysterio had in The Spectacular Spider-Man's episode Blueprints.

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