Quote1 Humans walk among us! The Mutant majority responds with fear to proof that Peter Parker, the successful and popular Spider-Man, was only passing for mutant-- Quote2

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Synopsis for "Part Three"

Peter is outed as a human, and his world crumbles. Police are now after him for sending Rhino after Crusher Hogan, putting him in the hospital in the process, and a Manhattan kid is beaten and hospitalized for wearing a Spider-Man t-shirt to school.

A guard named Giarusso gives a depressed Spider-Man a pep talk as he visits the two hospitalized fans, and gets his head back in the game.

The Rhino goes on a rampage in Times Square because he is upset and doesn't know what else to do. Peter shows up to talk him down peaceably, but the crown turns on him, showering garbage on his head while Rhino escapes down the subway. There, Rhino runs into the Green Goblin, who agrees to meet him behind Parker's house to take "every last shred of Peter Parker's Dignity!"

Peter comes home to Ben and George fighting over the decisions he made to keep his non-mutant status from his family, and Peter gets upset and leaves. Gwen goes after him, only to find Rhino, Vulture, Ox, and Electro fighting with the Green Goblin in a warehouse on the Parkers' property. It seems Rhino was pretty mad with the Goblin for ruining his only chance for a decent life, and brought his friends to kill the Goblin.

They pin him just as Gwen walks in, and manage to get his mask off, only to find that. . . it's Peter!

Solicit Synopsis

Peter Parker’s worst nightmare has come true!

  • Will the support of his family be enough to get him through his darkest hour?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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