Quote1 Madam, since your husband has been outed, they've been dusting off every human control law on the books. I understand that you're overwrought... but I'm not ending up in a prison camp for flying without a mutation. Quote2
-- Vulture

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So Peter tries to explain why he's dressed as the Goblin, but no one's buying it. As a last resort, he threatens to snap Gwen's neck with a webline.

As he's leaving, he tells Gwen that he'd never hurt her, but to keep him away from Richie. They send Vulture chasing after him, but a Sentinel intervenes, and Vulture has to land.

On a late night talk show, Jameson is tooting his own horn about outing Peter as a liar, at the same time saying that the Green Goblin is a hero for providing the journal. That's when the sentinel report comes in with images of Peter in the Goblin outfit, and no one has any clue what's going on.

The rest of the Stacys and Parkers talk about what Peter is doing and what their options are now that Peter's empire is crumbling. They decide that the only thing they can do is retrieve the Journal and figure out what Peter was saying in it.

They venture to Jameson's apartment to get it, only to be ambushed by Jameson controlling a spider-slayer. As Jameson starts to lose, he actually hits Gwen in the face, enraging Peter, who just comes in, and destroys the slayer by himself.

At the last moment, Gwen pleads with Peter to stay so they can figure it all out together, but he jumps out the window with his Journal, swinging away.

Of course, Captain Stacy happened to snag the Journal without Peter noticing.

Solicit Synopsis

Thanks to Jonah Jameson, anti-human sentiment hits an all-time high, endangering Peter Parker and his loved ones.

  • Worse, just when matters couldn't get more perilous for the Parker family, the Green Goblin is unmasked--and the secret of his identity throws everyone's life into chaos!

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