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  • Parker Industries Anti-Radiation Vehicles

Synopsis for "Chapter Three: Our Secret Wars"

It is now the year 1984. Peter and Mary Jane married, and now she is pregnant with twins. Additionally, Peter has founded his own tech company, Parker Industries, but has taken in a dementia-ridden Aunt May, who has since left Otto. At one point, Peter suddenly disappears on a Spider-Man mission, and three weeks later, MJ goes into labor.

It is revealed that Peter’s absence is a result of the Secret Wars, and he is determined to win in order to go back home. While fixing his equipment, Peter is approached by Reed, who congratulates him on Parker Industries as a means of extending an olive branch, and Peter thanks him. It is revealed that in addition to losing Sue, Reed has ditched all of his relationships for the sake of his responsibilities. As Spider-Man leaves, he is approached by Hulk and Thor, who have had complete restorations to their outfits whereas Spider-Man’s remains tattered. They reveal that a nearby device allows them to completely restore their equipment, merely by physically creating what its user imagines. Spider-Man decides to try out the machine, but instead of imagining a repaired suit, he instead thinks of one that would take him back home, resulting in his black suit.

Two weeks later, the Secret Wars end and Peter returns home. He comes back into his house and reunites with MJ, and discovers his two children: Claire and Benjamin Parker. Instead of happiness, Peter breaks down at the realization he missed the birth of his children.

MJ fills him in on what has happened since the Secret Wars began: the Soviet Union, having long feared a superhero invasion amidst the Cold War, eventually struck once they disappeared. A Russian superhero, the Red Ghost, was able to render their nuclear weapons intangible as they sent them to America. The Vision, in particular, was able to course-correct one of the missiles from Manhattan, but it landed in Pennsylvania. A traumatized Vision continues to remain there, exhibiting the thousand-yard stare.

Peter and Reed began efforts to clean up the radiation in Pennsylvania. After one such attempt, Reed reveals to Peter that people have been copycatting Spider-Man, using the black suit as an excuse to commit crime. Reed then reveals that the black suit is actually a symbiote, but Peter already knew this, having studied it since he got back. He has since taken several precautions such as giving MJ a device to counter it, but refuses to give up on the suit due to needing to stay in peak condition. Before Reed can argue with him, Peter gets a call from MJ, who tells him that May, in a dementia episode, has taken Claire and Benjamin away.

Peter hastily returns to discover that the police found May wandering the streets and have returned her home. The police leave soon afterwards, telling MJ to call them if she wants anymore “suggestions”. MJ then reveals that they want to put May into a senior home, but Peter refuses to do this. An argument breaks out, with MJ accusing Peter of seeing her as secondary to Gwen and for neglecting his family with all of the responsibilities he now has, including the new suit. Angered and determined to prove a point to MJ, Peter takes off the suit and puts on his normal one, then goes outside for some fresh air.

Spider-Man goes on to the top of a roof, where he begins thinking about what responsibilities to focus on. Suddenly, the copycat Spider-Man arrives with a sniper rifle. Spider-Man quickly dispatches and unmasks him to discover Kraven the Hunter underneath. Momentarily caught off guard by this revelation, Kraven takes the opportunity to stab Spider-Man in the side, incapacitating him. Kraven proceeds to monologue that while America and the Soviet Union are at war, he has lived so long in the former that he sees it as a second home, much to his disgust. He then reveals he is dying from cancer, but sees himself as stronger than Spider-Man, and pities Spider-Man for not being as strong as he once was to the point of wanting to execute him to end his “suffering”. As Spider-Man begs him not to, Kraven proceeds to shoot him in the head. Spider-Man seemingly survives, but finds himself being buried alive.

MJ muses to herself about her own situation, when she hears a cracking sound. Going to investigate, she discovers that the symbiote has sensed Spider-Man’s “death”, and watches as it breaks free from its canister and zooms into the street, making MJ realize something has happened to Peter. The symbiote finds Spider-Man’s grave, digs its way into the grave, and bonds with Peter again, causing him to dig himself out of his grave as a raging monster.

Kraven, determined to be the better Spider-Man, confronts a couple of muggers in an alley. They stand up to him, when suddenly a raging, symbiote-possessed Spider-Man comes up from behind Kraven, prompting them to flee. Spider-Man slams Kraven against a wall and prepares to kill him, when MJ, anti-symbiote device in hand, appears and seemingly calms him down. Kraven, however, glorifies this new Spider-Man as becoming what he always needed to be. Horrified at his actions, Peter asks MJ to use the device on him, while Kraven flees. After hesitating, MJ finally complies, successfully knocking the symbiote off of him.

Sometime later, Peter and MJ’s marriage has crumbled, and MJ prepares to move out while taking the children with her, leaving Peter alone with May. As she leaves, Peter muses that he always tries to do the right thing and keep everyone safe, but everything always messes up in the end, and now he no longer knows what to do.

In his house, a naked Kraven talks to Mother Russia herself, saying that he stands no chance against the new, broken Spider-Man. He decides to commit suicide, but just as he is about to pull the trigger, the symbiote twirls around his gun.

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It’s the 1980s and Peter’s life gets upended with wars both global and secret. And death stalks him at every turn. With a family and a world to protect, can he save everyone before it’s too late?



  • Although the story is an adaptation of "Kraven's Last Hunt," Kraven's suicide being prevented by the symbiote can be seen as a reference to how Eddie Brock was about to take his own life before being possessed by the symbiote.[1]

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