Quote1.png If I try to stop the Lizard, I'm risking a real shot here -- a real future at a major university! The future my Aunt May... and my Uncle Ben always wanted for me. But I can't stand by and do nothing... Uncle Ben taught me that. Great responsibility wins again. Quote2.png
-- Peter Parker

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Synopsis for "Reptilian Rage"

The story begins while Peter was younger, still in high school, applying for a scholarship at Empire State University. He finds out Dr. Connors moved to New York from Florida, and is currently working at ESU. Some of Silvermane’s goons barge in and steal his research, as well as the pet lizard he was experimenting on. This causes Dr. Connors to turn into The Lizard and hunt the goons down. Peter Parker changes into Spider-Man and has to abandon his scholarship to hunt The Lizard down. He finds and battles him at a dinosaur museum, and the pet lizard dies and communicates telepathically with The Lizard, turning him back into Dr. Connors. He goes to jail, and Peter finds out he missed his chance for the scholarship.

Solicit Synopsis

PETER PARKER’s got a real shot – a chance for a spot in a competitive Empire State University program as a high school student. Nothing’s going to keep him from his goal…unless the old Parker luck strikes again! And a crime boss’s interference with an experiment of DR. CURT CONNORS threatens to do just that, as an unexpected run-in heralds the return of the deadly LIZARD! But if SPIDER-MAN is going to save the day, does that mean Peter Parker will have to sacrifice his future? A tale of great power and the cost of responsibility in the mighty Marvel manner!

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