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Quote1 If I try to stop the Lizard, I'm risking a real shot here -- a real future at a major university! The future my Aunt May... and my Uncle Ben always wanted for me. But I can't stand by and do nothing... Uncle Ben taught me that. Great responsibility wins again. Quote2
-- Peter Parker

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PETER PARKER’s got a real shot – a chance for a spot in a competitive Empire State University program as a high school student. Nothing’s going to keep him from his goal…unless the old Parker luck strikes again! And a crime boss’s interference with an experiment of DR. CURT CONNORS threatens to do just that, as an unexpected run-in heralds the return of the deadly LIZARD! But if SPIDER-MAN is going to save the day, does that mean Peter Parker will have to sacrifice his future? A tale of great power and the cost of responsibility in the mighty Marvel manner!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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