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Quote1.png You know, when you murdered Hobgoblin, I had my men research the woman who died in the fire. "May Parker." To provoke such a reaction, she must have been someone close to you. Our best match was a man named Peter Parker. You. So I went about investigating. Seeing if you had any other close family members. A wife, a girlfriend -- someone I could threaten. But there was no one. So incredibly sad. You have no one, Peter Parker. Anyone you've ever loved is -- Quote2.png
-- Kingpin

Appearing in "Part Two of Five"

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Synopsis for "Part Two of Five"

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Spider-Man’s vicious new approach to crime has every villain on high alert! No one is safe as Peter succumbs further to his new dark powers. Wilson Fisk wants to put an end to this deadly new Spidey once and for all, but who is really the one coordinating this takedown attempt? And with Peter haunted more by his past each day, will someone be able to save him from his own mind?

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