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Quote1.png Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the hero supposed to get the girl? I saved the city from jungle boy and I'll be lucky if Felicia or Mary Jane even speak to me again. Quote2.png


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Sergei Kravinoff a.k.a Kraven the Hunter tries to take Dr. Mariah Crawford back to Africa, convinced that she is seeing another man. Spider-Man interrupts and fights Kraven, who disappears. Spider-Man webs across the city with Mariah, and she explains Kraven's origin to him and how he became like a jungle animal. Spider-Man drops her off at Robbie Robertson's house, although she is eager to get back to her lab and continue with her work on a cure for Sergei, and leaves after Spider-Man. When Robbie returns home, he is confronted by Kraven, who tracked Mariah down to his place and is convinced he is her "other man". Kraven subsequently kidnaps him.

Meanwhile, Peter prepares to go to the animal fashion show with Mary Jane Watson. Kraven tracks Spider-Man's scent and crashes the fashion show. They fight, and Kraven tells Spider-Man that he must bring Mariah to him to ensure Robbie's safety. Spider-Man bypasses all of Kraven's jungle traps and saves Robbie. Kraven is hurt after a confrontation with a pack of lions, but Mariah gives him the serum which returns him to normal again.

After, Sergei and Mariah leave New York to return to Africa.


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