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As Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin fight, the latter seemingly destroys Spider-Man using his smart bombs, but the wallcrawler escapes into the sewer. Spider-Man then decides to confront Norman Osborn as to why Hobgoblin would want to kidnap his son, but Osborn tells him it's personal.

The Hobgoblin returns to the Kingpin, who is aware of the goblin's betrayal having sent a spider seeker to spy on him and Osborn, and therefore orders his men to eliminate Hobgoblin. However, he defeats the crime lord when the Kingpin and Alistair Smythe are forced to flee. Hobgoblin claims Fisk's empire for himself and declares himself the new Kingpin of Crime.

With Harry still being held hostage by the Hobgoblin, Norman agrees to work with Fisk and Smythe to take him down. Osborn unwillingly recruits Spider-Man to save Harry, having been told of a tunnel by Fisk which leads back to the Kingpin's headquarters. Spider-Man manages to chase the goblin away from the Kingpin's building, and saves Harry, while Fisk reclaims his title as the Kingpin, and prepares to rebuild his empire.

When Spider-Man returns Harry to Norman, the Hobgoblin takes his final shot at revenge on the businessman, but Spider-Man stops him and the goblin ends up falling into the water.


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