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Spider-Man and Blade follow Morbius, hoping to stop him from using the Neogenic Recombinator to transform everyone into vampires. However, they lose him, but Spider-Man thinks that Morbius may go to a place which manufactures chips needed for the Recombinator, so they go there and find him. Blade wants to destroy Morbius again, but Spider-Man prevents him. As the three struggle, Detective Terri Lee arrives, and she is taken by Morbius, who flies into the air before dropping her and flying away, but Blade saves her from a lethal fall. Terri wants to arrest Blade and take him to the station to explain, but Blade leaves the scene.

Spider-Man chases Morbius, hoping to retrieve the chip he stole but Morbius escapes. Spider-Man then decides to tell Terri Lee about the whole situaion, and she agrees to work with him and Blade to catch Morbius. After Terri notices Blade's vampire features, Whistler explains Blade's origin to her. Meanwhile, Morbius searches for resources in Peter's home, and later at the Daily Bugle. Witnessing Morbius, J. Jonah Jameson demands to know why the vampire was looking for him. Tired of Peter's strange behavior lately, Jameson prepares to fire him, but Peter tells him that he will take a picture of Morbius to prove the real culprit behind the plasma disorder around New York City.

When Peter returns home, his spider-sense tells him that Morbius must be there. At the front door, Mary Jane Watson has arrived to talk to him, hoping to save their relationship. Having seen him with Felicia Hardy, she asks him to confirm that he wants to be with her to put her mind at rest. He does so, but Morbius has overheard, and after Mary Jane has left he angrily confronts Peter, but Peter has set up a trap and Terri and Blade capture Morbius. An immobilized Morbius escapes and kidnaps Peter's Aunt May, demanding the blood sample from Peter.

Back at Blade's base, he and Terri fall in love, but Spider-Man interrupts them as they kiss, angry about his Aunt May's kidnap. Spider-Man tells Blade that he no longer wants to work with him, and will find May Parker himself. As Spider-Man waits for Morbius to arrive at Felicia's house, he witnesses Mary Jane out on a date with Harry Osborn, and feels devastated to have ruined his relationship with her. When Morbius arrives at Felicia's, she is shocked to see that he is the creature that scared her the other day, and he takes her before Spider-Man can stop him, and takes her back to his hideout. Morbius explains to her that he plans to turn everyone into vampires, much to her disapproval. As Morbius prepares to transform Felicia, she persuades him to stop his plan and concentrate on returning to the man he was. However, the recombinator is accidentally activated when Blade, Terri and Spider-Man arrive and break through the ceiling, but Morbius takes the blast to stop it from touching Felicia, mutating him into an even more deadly and inhuman vampire-like creature.

After Morbius flies away, Spider-Man saves his Aunt May before telling Felicia that Morbius's transformation is now irreversible, much to her devastation. Blade tells Terri that he couldn't start a relationship with her due to his occupation as a vampire hunter, before kissing her and leaving on his motorcycle. Morbius then enters a cave, where he goes into hibernation.

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