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After Spider-Man is defeated by Tombstone, Dr. Connors is kidnapped by the latter. As Alisa Silvermane waits at the Coffee Beam for her date with Peter Parker, she is kidnapped by Hammerhead and brought before the Kingpin, who is distraught over Silvermane having kidnapped his wife. Doc Connors is brought before Silvermane, who wants him to restore his youth with the Tablet of Time.

Meanwhile, Alistair Smythe meets with Spider-Man through his Mega-Slayer but Spider-Man says Connors was kidnapped by Silvermane, although Smythe doesn't believe him and has his robot attack Spider-Man. However, before destroying him, Smythe leaves after receiving a call from the Kingpin telling him that he is making an exchange with Silvermane to get his wife back. As Tombstone sends Doc Connors and Vanessa over to the Mega-Slayer, while the robot sends across Alisa and the Tablet of Time, Smythe double-crossed him and tries to take all the hostages, but Tombstone is ready for him and one of his men damages the robot with a rocket launcher. However, Smythe revives it and successfully takes back Kingpin's wife, while Hammerhead arrives and stops Tombstone from retrieving Alisa. Spider-Man chases Hammerhead's helicopter and saves Alisa, but she (unaware that she is revealing her identity to a potential love interest, Peter Parker) immobilizes the wallcrawler and takes off in the chopper with him.

Kingpin is angry with Smythe and Hammerhead for failing, but Smythe finds one of Spider-Man's spider-tracer's on the Mega-Slayer and reverses it in order to find Silvermane's hideout, for a chance to retrieve the tablet and Connors again. When Silvermane opens the roof for the sun to activate the tablet, the robot enters, but is destroyed by Tombstone's rocket launcher once more. The tablet successfully makes Silvermane young, but is attacked by the Lizard after Doc Connors mutates. After Alisa shoots Lizard unconscious, Silvermane begins getting progressively younger before assuming the body of a baby. Alisa has the place destroyed before they leave, but Spider-Man saves Doc Connors and his wife from the explosion, and Hammerhead arrives to retrieve the tablet.

Vanessa tells Wilson that she is leaving him because of his criminal lifestyle, and Hammerhead delivers the Tablet of Time to him, but the crime lord orders him to get rid off it. Hammerhead sells it to Adrian Toomes.

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