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"The Final Nightmare"

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"The Final Nightmare"
Avi Arad, Stan Lee

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Synopsis for "The Final Nightmare"

The Vulture has drained Spider-Man's youth, absorbing it along with his spider strength, etc. However, Vulture needs to keep feeding from his youth repetitively, and Spider-Man escapes and fakes his own death to the Vulture, worrying the latter. As an old man, Peter makes his way home, realizing that the transformation may be permanent since he hasn't returned to his young form yet. At the same time, Vulture attacks Norman Osborn's helicopter, and kidnaps him. However, when he confronts Norman, Vulture mutates into the Man-Spider, having absorbed Spider-Man's mutation disease as well. When he returns home, Peter phones J. Jonah Jameson, calling in sick while posing as a "relative" of Peter's, before calling Dr. Connors and informing him about the situation.

Meanwhile, Farley Stillwell is in a mental hospital, suffering hallucinations of the Scorpion, having previously created him using neogenics. However, the real Scorpion appears and kidnaps him, wanting him to change him back into a normal human. Scorpion takes him to Doc Connors' lab, where Vulture is asking Connors for help with the mutation. After a brief fight, Scorpion and Vulture agree to team up to assist each other with their problems.

On the way to meeting with Dr. Connors, old Peter is almost ran over but narrowly escapes, and is helped up by his Aunt May, who doesn't recognize him, takes him home and gives him refreshments. However, he leaves in a rush to see Connors. When he arrives, he is ambushed by Scorpion and Vulture. Connors claims to transfer the mutated DNA from Vulture back into Spider-Man, but double-crosses him and transfers his youth and powers back while leaving the Vulture with the mutation disease. With his powers back, Spider-Man fights Scorpion, while Stillwell creates an explosion in the building, hoping to destroy all the neogenic research to ensure that beings like the Scorpion are never created again. The stress causes Connors to transform into the Lizard, but Spider-Man saves him and everyone escapes the building before it explodes.

After, Spider-Man relishes with the relief that his mutation disease is finally cured.


  • This is the last time when Martin Landau provides the voice of Scorpion.


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