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The Punisher is attacked by the Man-Spider, who causes a fire inside the warehouse resulting in an explosion. However, Punisher manages to escape by commanding his Battle Van to return to base. As the Man-Spider goes into hiding, Dr. Mariah Crawford hears the details in the news broadcast and contacts her boyfriend Sergei Kravinoff, asking him to return to New York to control Spider-Man. When Punisher returns to base, Microchip helps him prepare to track down Spider-Man again, before the vigilante sets off in his Battle Van.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane Watson has slept at Aunt May's house, before they decide to go to the police to report Peter missing after he never returned home the previous night. The Man-Spider is attacked by Punisher, who immobilizes him but as he is about to kill him, Sergei stops him, and the two hunters fight. Man-Spider manages to escape, and enters the E.S.U. building, and at the same time, Michael Morbius does, and attacks Debra Whitman and Flash Thompson, before Man-Spider identifies them as friends and saves them from Morbius draining their plasma. Having caught Sergei in a net, Punisher leaves, but is attacked by the Man-Spider, who webs him up and hangs him from the ceiling of a cave.

Sergei saves the Punisher, and suggests they work together, and after they fight and defeat the Man-Spider Mariah arrives, who gives him a serum to return him to normal.

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