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  • Blade's Motorcycle


Michael Morbius tries to drain a victim's plasma, but Spider-Man overhears and stops him. They fight, but are suddenly interruped by Blade the Vampire Hunter, who arrives on his motorcycle and tries to slaughter Morbius. As Morbius flies away Blade gives chase, but Spider-Man stops the hunter from destroying Morbius. Blade and Spider-Man fight, and Blade, having read in the newspaper that Spider-Man may be a vampire, tries to destroy him using his garlic gas, but after the wallcrawler survives Blade realises he is not a vampire. After Blade leaves, Spider-Man's mutation begins to flare up, and he rushes to see Dr. Connors where he is treated.

After seeing Dr. Connors, and getting attacked by the public who think he is responsible for the plasma victims around the city, Spider-Man decides to find Morbius. However, he is ambushed by Morbius, who tells him that he has decided he wants to stay as he is since he is now immortal. As Morbius is about to drain Spider-Man's plasma, Blade appears and tries to destroy Morbius, but Spider-Man once again tries to stop him. Blade then tries to eliminate Spider-Man for getting in his way, but Spider-Man swings off.

When Blade returns to base, he and Whistler plan to take down Morbius, but Spider-Man, having previously stuck a spider-tracer on Blade during their fight, arrives. Blade and Spider-Man initially fight, but the dust settles and Whistler explains how he and Blade are vampire hunters and Blade's origin. After Spider-Man tells Whistler about how the Neogenic Recombinator can create vampires, Blade insists on destroying it but Whistler tells him that he could use it to cure the vampire within him, since he is becoming more vampire-like as time goes on.

When Spider-Man returns home as Peter, he receives a phone call from Mary Jane Watson who suggests he come to a meeting of all the E.S.U. students about the plasma disorder. Felicia Hardy is devasted by Morbius's "disappearance", and Mary Jane spots Peter comforting her and decides to hook up with Harry Osborn instead of Peter.

Meanwhile, Morbius steals the neogenic recombinator from E.S.U, but is ambushed by Blade, who is almost killed by Morbius before Spider-Man saved him. The two then decide to fight together against Morbius.

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