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Tony Stark fires Dr. Johnathon Ohnn from the inter-dimensional research project, after the incident with Carnage and Dormammu, considering it too unsafe. Ohnn is less than happy with this, but is approached by Wilson Fisk, who offers to set up a lab for him to continue his experiments, and he agrees, unaware of his position as the Kingpin of Crime. He is also instantly attracted to his assistant, Dr. Silvia Lopez. The Kingpin plans to use the inter-dimensional portals in his criminal activities and as a way to eliminate Spider-Man.

After successfully creating a portal, Dr. Ohnn is accidentally sucked in, which causes the black holes to appear all over New York City. This disturbs Peter who has taken Mary Jane Watson to the fair. He suits up as Spider-Man to prevent a black hole from swallowing up a roller coaster, but gets sucked in himself. Inside the portal, he finds Ohnn, but quickly emerges on the other side of the city. Meanwhile, Johnathon gets out too, but is covered in black spots as a result of the incident, having become a magnet to the portals. However, Silvia tells him that the portals which have been opened all around the city are causing chaos. He manages to close them all, but forgets one, which gradually begins to widen.

Johnathon and Silvia are then contacted by the Kingpin, who is eager to find out how their research is going. Before Fisk arrives to inspect for himself, Johnathon convinces Silvia to let him keep his secret from the crime lord for now. After Fisk leaves, Johnathon tells Silvia that they will get away from Fisk and set up a laboratory of their own, but they need money first.

Spider-Man goes to see Dr. Connors, who confirms that the spots which appeared around the city were time-dilation portals similar to the ones created by Tony Stark. After, he speaks to Mary Jane, but she is angry with him for abandoning her at the carnival, and Harry Osborn also confronts him and berates him for "stealing" her from him.

Spider-Man tries to stop The Spot from robbing a bank, but the latter escapes with a large amount of cash after outsmarting Spider-Man with the portals. He then robs a jewelry store, where Jason Phillips is buying a ring for his fiance Felicia Hardy. Spider-Man, having used his spider-tracer device to seek out the Spot, arrives to fight him. However, Spot escapes again, and when he returns to Silvia he sees her contacting the Kingpin and telling him about his new found powers. Johnathon feels betrayed by Silvia.

The Spot arrives at the Kingpin's hideout to confront him, but Fisk has already gained the upper hand by having his men take Silvia hostage. Kingpin tells Ohnn that he must capture Spider-Man to ensure her safety. After seeking out Spider-Man, he fights him, but eventually tells Spider-Man about his situation and the wallcrawler agrees to help by pretending to have been defeated by him. When the Spot brings in a seemingly beaten Spider-Man, Spider-Man suddenly attacks the Kingpin, who starts bear-hugging him, but everyone is distracted by the portal which has been left open and has grown to a tremendous size. They put their differences aside for the sake of saving the Earth and Kingpin supplies an plane for them to use to fly towards the portal, so that Ohnn can close it. They are successful, but Silvia jumps into limbo with him so that they can be together.

After, The Hobgoblin plans to steal what remains of the inter-dimensional technology from the Kingpin.

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