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Anastasia Hardy hosts a demonstration of Doctor Michael Pingree presenting his "Argon Matrix Laser". However, Doctor Octopus interrupts by sounding the alarm, and confronts Pingree, angry that apparently him and Mrs. Hardy were trying to take credit for his invention. When Spider-Man tries to stop him, Doc Ock tries to destroy him using the Argon Matrix Laser, but fails because the laser will not cut organic matter. After damaging two of Doc Ock's tentacles, Spider-Man fights him in the medical lab, eventually causing an explosion. The two land in the water, Spider-Man ends up on shore, while Doc Ock hijacks a boat to make his escape.

The following day at the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson berates Spider-Man in front of Peter for destroying the medical facility. In secret, Robbie gives Peter a letter to give to Spider-Man. The letter asks that Spider-Man visit a young girl named Maria Taina Elizando, a big Spider-Man fan. However, Peter isn't interested and vows to quit his life as Spider-Man. As he walks down an alley, Madame Webb communicates with him. She tells him that he is about to embark on a period of training for an ultimate battle. Her first advice to him is that he must have the "faith of a child", and gives him the fan letter that he had previously binned, before allowing him to leave.

Spider-Man decides to visit the young girl after all at her home. Taina shows him her Spider-Man franchise and photos, before he goes on to explain his origin to her; how he gained his spider powers and how he became a crimefighter. Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus shows his new creation, the Octobot, to the Kingpin, and tells him that it will destroy Spider-Man. Spider-Man also tells Taina about how he was partially responsible for his Uncle Ben's death, and how he has decided to quit life as Spider-Man because of that and the medical building explosion. However, he agrees to take her along on a brief web-slinging trip, but at the same time the Kingpin releases Spider Seekers, and Doc Ock sets off with his Octobot in tow. Spider-Man is ambushed by the robot, and quickly defeated by Doc Ock, while Taina escapes.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #248
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