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"Attack of the Octobot"

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"Attack of the Octobot"
Avi Arad, Stan Lee

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  • Doctor Octopus' Car

Synopsis for "Attack of the Octobot"

Having defeated Spider-Man with his Octobot, Doctor Octopus renders him unconscious with knockout gas and takes him back to his hideout. Taina secretly sneaks into Doc Ock's car boot. Upon arrival, Doc Ock uses the Neuro Neutralizer to brainwash Spider-Man. After, Doc Ock manipulates him into believing that they are criminal partners, and Spider-Man does not have any memories, or even recognize himself. Having witnessed the events, Taina escapes and looks for help. However, she is found roaming the streets alone by a police officer, who takes her to the police station, where she encounters a cab driver called Mousie, who agrees to help.

While driving through the strees in her taxi, Mousie spots Doc Ock and Spider-Man's vehicle and follows them to the Wellington Foundry, where Doc Ock wants to steal a rare metal alloy. When there, Doc Ock distracts the security while Spider-Man sneaks inside the building unnoticed. He succeeds in picking up the alloy, but Taina enters the building after Spider-Man and sets off the alarm. Despite this, the two escape with the alloy in tow.

Mousie and Taina go to J. Jonah Jameson, but he after hearing their story, he wastes no time submitting a news broadcast saying that Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus have joined forces, despite them stressing that Spider-Man is innocent. Mousie then enlists the help of her fellow cab drivers, who locate and follow Spider-Man and Doc Ock. When Mousie and Taina arrive at a building where Doc Ock steals the Argon Matrix Laser, Mousie is caught by them and taken away. Back at Ock's hideout, Mousie tries to help Spider-Man remember who he is. Just as Ock is about to get rid of Mousie, the cab drivers crash through the building along with Taina. Spider-Man's memory is restored and he defeats Doc Ock, who is arrested.

After, Spider-Man takes Taina home and reveals his secret identity to her before leaving.


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