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Rocket Racer


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After sharing a kiss with Felicia Hardy, Spider-Man tells her that they could not have a relationship because it would be too dangerous. They are distracted by the sound of the Big Wheel crashing through the streets, as a gang of thieves with jet-pack's commit a robbery. At the same time, Robert Farrell collects his mother's medicine from the chemist, before leaving on his skateboard. On his way home, he witnesses the Big Wheel and Spider-Man webbing up one of the thieves. The thief drops a large amount of cash before making his escape. Robert is caught by the police pocketing the loot and spends the night in a cell.

The following morning, Felicia takes Mrs. Farrell to collect Robert from the police station. Thus, Robert hasn't attended Peter Parker's tutoring session and Felicia turns up to tell him about what happened. Peter tries to ask her out on a date, but since she is in love with Spider-Man she rejects him. However, when Jason Phillips turns up and asks her out to dinner, she happily agrees, leaving Peter disappointed.

Robert helps his mother out in the grocery store. However, a gang enters and robs the cash register threatening to burn down the store. After they have left, Peter arrives to speak to Robert but Robert tells him that he doesn't want to attend science class at all anymore. When he goes out on his skateboard, Robert decides to follow one of the crooks who robbed his mother back to his hideout. There, he spies on a meeting of the same gang who wore the jet-packs. Robert goes into their technology room and steals a selection of their jet-pack equipment, before escaping.

After using his scientific knowledge to use the equipment to create a rocket-powered skateboard, Robert sets out and robs a jewelry store. He is chased by Spider-Man, but his magnetic boots cause him to get stuck under a depressing lift, although Spider-Man manages to save him by turning it off. At home, Mrs. Farrell recognized Robert on TV, and collapses due to stress. Meanwhile, Jackson Weele's gang review their security footage of Robert stealing their equipment, and Weele sets off on the Big Wheel to catch Robert before the police can make him reveal where he got his technology.

Spider-Man sticks a spider-tracer to Robert while chasing him, and follows him home, where he is shocked to find that the rocket thief is Robert. As they argue, Felicia enters and tells them about how Robert's mother has collapsed. At the same time, the Big Wheel approaches Farrell's grocery store, and whey see Felicia with Robert in her car they chase them. Robert sets off on his skateboard, and the Big Wheel nearly crushes him, but Spider-Man moves him out the way just in time. Spider-Man and Robert then work together to use electricity to ruin the Big Wheel's timing mechanism, causing it to lose control and run into the water, although Spider-Man saves Jackson Weele from suffering the same fate by webbing him out of the vehicle.

After Jackson Weele has been incarcerated, his gang attempt to rob Mrs. Farrell's grocery store again, but they are ambushed by Spider-Man and Robert, who defeat them, while Felicia and Jason begin dating.

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