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Alisa Silvermane hires Tombstone to destroy incriminating photos of her which the Daily Bugle plan to use to exploit her role in her father's criminal activities.

Spider-Man stops a Bandana Gang who are terrorizing New York City, and while they are attempting a carjacking Spider-Man picks up one of the gang members, who turns out to be Randy Robertson, his friend Robbie's son.

Tombstone visits Peter's home in search of his copies of the Alisa Silvermane photos. He frightens Peter's Aunt May, trashing the house until he finds them, before fleeing in his car. Spider-Man arrives home just as Tombstone leaves, and after checking that his aunt is okay, chases the villain down and intercepts his vehicle as he crosses the Brooklyn Bridge. They fight, but Tombstone throws Spider-Man into the water before escaping. Back home, after realizing that the photos are gone, Peter decides to warn Robbie about Tombstone, since he has the only other copies. He also plans to tell him about Randy being in the Bandana Gang.

When Robbie arrives home from work, his wife Martha tells him that the school have called claiming that Randy has been skipping class for over a week. When Randy sneaks in, he attempts to steal his dad's old service revolver, but is caught by Robbie. Robbie then realizes that Randy is in the Bandana Gang. He receives a phone call from Tombstone, asking him to meet up.

Spider-Man follows Robbie to his meeting with Tombstone, where it appears the two are old friends, and Robbie is shocked to see him alive. Tombstone orders him to kill the Silvermane story, but when Robbie refuses, Tombstone attacks him, although Spider-Man interferes and fights Tombstone. The fight results in the building collapsing, but Spider-Man saves Robbie while Tombstone escapes. Robbie then explains to Spider-Man how he knew Tombstone, whose real name is Lonnie Lincoln, as a child. He tells him that the two were friends but Lonnie was caught robbing a grocery store, but he escaped. Years later after getting out of prison, Lonnie attempted to frame Robbie by setting up a break in at the Spaulding Chemical Plant, but Lonnie accidentally fell into a vat of chemicals and was presumed dead.

After being taken home by Spider-Man, Robbie finds that Randy has sneaked out again. Randy is in the posse again, where he is introduced to the gangs leader, who turns out to be Tombstone. Tombstone moves the gang to the Spaulding Chemical Plant, before phoning Robbie to tell him that he has his son, and Robbie set out to meet him. Spider-Man then goes to Robbie's house again, but his wife tells him that Robbie has gone to the Chemical Plant. Spider-Man swings off to fight Tombstone, but is interrupted by Madame Webb, who tells him that some evil can only be fought with the human heart.

When Robbie arrives at the Spaulding Chemical Plant, he is confronted by Tombstone who tells him that he plans to hand Randy over to the police for his crime which he set up, unless Robbie gets rid the Silvermane story the Bugle plans to publish. However, Robbie tells him that the story is already published. When Spider-Man arrives, instead of fighting Tombstone first he talks to Randy and tells him that he has been set up. Meanwhile, Robbie sounds the alarm after Tombstone attacks him. Spider-Man then fights Tombstone, and has him webbed up before the police arrive and arrest him.

After, Robbie and his family sort out their problems.


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  • Near the end of the episode, when Spider-Man hangs Tombstone above a vat of chemicals, he warns "Another swim in that chemical soup, and your hair might turn green". This may be a reference to one of many possible origins of The Joker from DC comics, given Tombstone's similar origin within the show.

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