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Spider-Man is grieving over the loss of Mary Jane Watson, blaming himself for her demise at the hands of the Green Goblin. At the same time, at the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson tries to use the incident to smear Spider-Man, but Robbie Robertson is adamant that the wallcrawler was trying to save Mary Jane. Robbie leaves and gets in a cab to go home, but the driver releases knock-out gas. Robbie is rendered unconscious, and wakes up in the middle of a crime scene, where he is apparently the "mastermind". Spider-Man arrives at the scene, and is unintentionally shot by Robbie's stun blaster. Spider-Man defeats the men and is shocked to unmask Robbie.

Robbie appears in court, where he protests his innocence, but the evidence against him is overwhelming and he is found guilty as charged. Robbie's family and friends are devastated. Peter figures out that Robbie was not pulling the trigger on the blaster which he fired, by examining one of the photos of the crime.

The Kingpin, the one behind Robbie's framing, makes sure Robbie is sentenced to Rooker's Island instead of New York State Pen. He then sends one of his men under the guise of a policeman to carry out the rest of his plan.

Peter shows his clue to Jameson, who decides to re-live his days as a detective, under the alias of 'Jigsaw Jameson'. He sets out to visit one of his old contacts, Joey Nails, while Peter decides to follow him as Spider-Man. Jameson collects some info from Nails, but is tailed by some of the Kingpin's men, who follow him to a warehouse. The men activate a bomb, but Spider-Man arrives at the warehouse to save Jameson before it explodes. They discover an underground tunnel, and find a remote control unit which operated Robbie's blaster.

After Jameson leaves to continue his investigation, Spider-Man hacks one of the computer's in the complex. He figures out that the equipment must belong to the Kingpin, and that his son Richard Fisk had been incarcerated in Rooker's Island too.

Robbie is taken to Rooker's Island to serve his fifteen year sentence. There, he is introduced to his new roommates, Richard Fisk and Tombstone. Tombstone reveals that he wanted revenge on Robbie for getting him sent to prison so he teamed up with Richard, who used his connections to have Robbie framed and sent to their prison. Spider-Man sets out to save Robbie, but the Kingpin's undercover man has already engineered Tombstone and Richard's escape with Robbie. However, Spider-Man intercepts their helicopter and saves Robbie, while Richard and Tombstone are sent back to prison.

At Robbie's re-trial, Jameson presents the evidence that Robbie is innocent, and he is cleared of all charges. Back at the Bugle, a party is thrown for Robbie. Robbie thanks Jameson for his support, and tells Peter that Spider-Man saving him has reassured him that he is truly a hero.

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