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Peter, having revealed his secret identity to Mary Jane, asks her to marry him. She accepts, and they decide to ask Dr. Connors to give the bride away at the wedding. However, Dr. Connors and Mary Jane are kidnapped by a trio of lizard warriors, who claim that Curt is their 'father'. He realizes that they must have gained intelligence when he disposed of some of his DNA into the sink, which the reptiles must have drank. Spider-Man stops them, and Mary Jane is able to escape, but Dr. Connors becomes the Lizard again, aligning with the lizards. Spider-Man and Gila, one of the trio who is accused of being a traitor, are locked up. Mary Jane enlists the help of Curt's wife Margaret and Debra Whitman, who work together to return Curt and all of the lizards to normal.

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