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May Parker decides to move in with Anna Watson, to help her friend deal with the loss of Mary Jane. After helping his aunt move her things, Peter is called to a meeting with Felicia and Anastasia Hardy to plan the Hardy Foundations' youth science program. However, the building is attacked by Kraven the Hunter. Peter suits up as Spider-Man and Felicia as the Black Cat to stop Kraven, but he escapes. It appears that Kraven was after the serum which had originally turned him into a feral creature.

When Spider-Man is ambushed by Kraven, Black Cat arrives just in time to help him, but Kraven gets away after using knock-out gas on Spider-Man. After Spider-Man regains consciousness, he berates Black Cat for allowing Kraven to escape, and tells her from experience that a crimefighting career will cause her nothing but grief.

After hearing reports of a ferocious stalker terrorizing New York City, Spider-Man suspects that the monster is Kraven, and creates a special new batch of webbing to apprehend him. Meanwhile, Debra Whitman studies the areas where the monster has been spotted, and finds claw marks and a hair sample, supporting her theory that the creature is in animal form. She and Flash Thompson then visit the jungle exhibit, where they are attacked by the creature, but Spider-Man arrives to save them. After the creature flees, Kraven appears and immobilizes Spider-Man, before attempting to feed him to some lions. However, he is once again saved by the Black Cat.

Debra phones Curt Connors to tell him about her discovery, while Spider-Man leaves to catch Kraven, now fully in the belief that he is the stalker. After tracking him down, Spider-Man webs up Kraven, who explains that he is not the stalker. However, Spider-Man loses his temper, although Black Cat arrives to calm him down. Kraven then continues that the creature is Mariah, his girlfriend, who had been infected when she and Kraven went to Africa to help people who were suffering from a deadly virus. To help her, Kraven gave her the serum which turned him into Kraven, and she recovered instantly, but when they returned to America she transformed into a ferocious creature.

Spider-Man, Black Cat, and Kraven then plan to give Mariah a serum supplied by Dr. Connors in order to return her to normal. However, it only reverses some of the transformation, but Mariah does not want to become fully human again as she considers herself and Kraven truly "kindred spirits" now, and they leave.

After, Peter and Harry Osborn decide to flatmate again to help each other through their problems.


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