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Quote1.png I usually wouldn't help a stranger. Not even a beautiful one. But if Morbius the vampire arises again, someone must be prepared to save the city. Quote2.png


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Debra Whitman and a team of scientists retrieve the body of a hibernating Michael Morbius. They attempt to return the vampire to his human form, but there is a power surge and the experiment has to be held off. Before they can try again, Morbius is awoken after the Shocker and Herbert Landon try to kidnap him. It is revealed that Landon was secretly founder of the Herbert Foundation, which had funded the research that allowed them to find Morbius and attempt to cure him.

A re-awoken Morbius continues his plasma draining spree once again, but is taken by Landon and Shocker. The Kingpin and Landon attempt to discover the secret of neogenics by analyzing Morbius, but Black Cat and Spider-Man interrupt. Morbius is set free, and Black Cat prepares to destroy him using a weapon given to her by Whistler, but she cannot bring herself to do it. While Kingpin and Shocker are able to escape, Landon has his plasma drained by Morbius. Morbius then flees.

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