"The Vampire Queen"
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  • Earth-92131 (Reality)
    • New York City
      • Felicia's Apartment
      • Empire State University
      • Hospital
      • Crime Central
      • Whistler's lair
      • Electronics store
      • Peter and Harry's flat
      • The Dungeon (club)
    • Europe



  • Blade's Motorcycle
  • Whistler's van

Synopsis for "The Vampire Queen"

Following the re-emergence of Michael Morbius, the Black Cat realizes that she must destroy the man she loves in order to stop him. Meanwhile, Blade is hunting a female vampire (who is later revealed to be Miriam) in Europe. He chases her down to a castle, but she escapes and flies off into the night. After hearing about Morbius, Blade decides to return to New York City in order to hunt him.

In New York City, Morbius is approached by the female vampire hunted by Blade. She reveals herself to be Miriam, and asks him to reveal the location of the Neogenic Recombinator, a machine which Miriam knows can transform humans into vampires. When Morbius refuses, she begins to read his mind, and leaves after apparently discovering the information she needs to lead her to the Recombinator. She then telepathically has Debra Whitman reveal that Herbert Landon stole the device. Landon is in hospital after having his plasma drained by Morbius (seen in the previous episode). He is visited by Miriam, who reads from his mind the location of the Recombinator. The Kingpin later finds that the Recombinator has been stolen from Landon's lab.

As Debra, Flash Thompson and Clay Marks are hospitalized after having their plasma drained by Miriam, Detective Terri Lee assumes that Morbius is the culprit. After hearing about the attacks, Black Cat and Spider-Man visit Whistler, hoping for a weapon which they could use to catch Morbius. However, Whistler tells them that he only possesses weapons capable of annihilating vampires. When Detective Lee arrives, she is convinced that they must destroy Morbius. Black Cat and Spider-Man reluctantly agree.

Spider-Man, Black Cat, Terri and Whistler work together to hunt down Morbius. They track him to an electronics store, where they instead find Miriam, who is gathering the parts she needs for the Neogenic Recombinator. They attempt to destroy her, but are disarmed by Blade. Blade has discovered that Miriam is his mother, and plans to take her away and cure her vampirism. However, Spider-Man pounces on Blade, while Miriam tries to drain Black Cat's plasma, but she is saved when Morbius appears, causing Miriam to flee. Spider-Man suggests to Blade that they work together, but Blade declines and immobilizes him with knock-out gas, before leaving himself.

An injured Morbius is taken back to Whistler's lair, weak after not consuming any plasma for a time. Whistler gives him the serum which he uses to keep Blade's vampirism under control. Terri meets with Blade in a park, where they express their love for each other once again. Terri tells him that she understands what he is going through with his mother, before he leaves. Meanwhile, Peter's Spider-Man mask is torn after the scuffle with Blade. At his flat, he swaps it for his spare mask. After Spider-Man has left, Harry Osborn arrives at their flat, and finds the mask hanging out of a drawer.

Blade meets with Miriam in a club, thinking that she is now intent on becoming human again. However, Miriam captures him, revealing that she plans to use the Recombinator to turn everyone into vampires. When Blade disagrees, Miriam tries to have him turned from a daywalker to a vampire by force. Her plan is foiled by the arrival of Spider-Man, Black Cat, Whistler, Morbius and Terri, although Miriam manages to transform several people in the club into vampires. As she flees with her "children", Spider-Man snatches the Recombinator and has them turned back into humans, but Miriam is able to escape. After sharing one last kiss with Terri, Blade leaves after his mother. Black Cat tells Spider-Man that she wants to fight alongside Morbius and Blade against Miriam in Europe, and she and Morbius catch up with Blade.

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