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Spider-Man The Animated Series Season 5 Ep 1 Pt 1

At the bank, Aunt May gives her and Uncle Ben's wedding rings to Peter for his wedding to Mary Jane. They are distracted by the arrival of the Scorpion, who begins to steal handfuls of cash. Peter suits up as Spider-Man to stop him, but Scorpion steals the rings and takes Aunt May hostage. Spider-Man chases him through Manhattan, and Scorpion puts Aunt May down to fight him, but flees after his suit gets wet.

At the Ravencroft Institute, Harry Osborn is receiving therapy from Dr. Kafka. He tells her about his memories of his father being the Green Goblin and Peter Parker being Spider-Man, but Kafka tells him that the images are simply figments of his imagination. Harry is then visited by Mary Jane and Liz, who break to him the news of Mary Jane's upcoming marriage to Peter. Harry is hurt by this, but tries to hide his feelings. After they leave, Harry is haunted by images of his father, which drive him insane. He escapes from Ravencroft and becomes the Green Goblin once more.

Peter goes to see Wilson Fisk, who wants to pay for his wedding since Peter once saved his life from the Hobgoblin (seen in "The Hobgoblin, Part One"). Fisk claims that it would also mean business for his newly bought paper, the "Daily Beacon", and despite being aware of Fisk's secret identity as the Kingpin, Peter accepts.


Spider-Man The Animated Series Season 5 Ep 1 Pt 2

Meanwhile, Jameson is furious with Peter for betraying him to a rival paper, but Peter claims that he wasn't aware that Fisk had bought the Beacon. Jameson resolves to compete with Fisk by offering to pay for Peter's wedding as well.

Harry is at Oscorp, where he makes a deal with Alistair Smythe. Smythe offers to provide him with robots to help him crash Peter and Mary Jane's wedding, in exchange for a partnership with Oscorp for Silvermane. Scorpion will go along too. The Green Goblin, Scorpion and a group of goblin robo-warriors set off headed for the church.

At the wedding, Robbie is Peter's best man. Felicia Hardy has briefly returned (having been in Europe as Black Cat) to attend, among the other guests including Flash Thompson and Debra Whitman, and Jameson and Fisk who continue to compete as host of the wedding. After Curt Connors walks Mary Jane down the aisle, the vicar prepares to marry her and Peter. However, they are interrupted by the arrival of the Green Goblin, Scorpion and the robots, who scare away the guests. Fisk returns to base and sends the last Mega-Slayer Smythe made in his employ to the wedding to stop the villains, while Peter suits up as Spider-Man and Felicia as Black Cat. As they fight Scorpion and the robots, Harry is inside the church trying to force the vicar to marry him and Mary Jane. While Spider-Man tries to fight his way inside, Harry threatens to blow up the chapel and tries to rush the forced marriage of himself and Mary Jane. However, Liz suddenly appears and appeals to him to return to Ravencroft, admitting her feelings for him.

After, Peter and Mary Jane are married, before driving off in a Daily Bugle van with a 'just married' sign.


  • Jameson says that he wants to "give Parker a wedding that will make that Princess Di thing look like a clambake!" This line was cut from re-runs following Princess Diana's death out of respect for the Royal Family.

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