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Season 1

  1. Heroes and Villains
  2. Royal Scam
  3. Law of the Jungle
  4. Sword of Shikata
  5. Keeping Secrets
  6. Tight Squeeze
  7. Head Over Heels
  8. The Party
  9. Flash Memory
  10. Spider-Man Dis-Sabled
  11. When Sparks Fly
  12. Mind Games: Part 1
  13. Mind Games: Part 2

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (a.k.a. MTV's Spider-Man) was an animated series featuring Spider-Man, which ran for one season (13 episodes) starting July 2003. The show was made using computer-generated imagery (CGI) rendered in cel shading and was produced by Mainframe Entertainment (Executive Producer Brian Michael Bendis) for Sony Pictures Television and broadcast on MTV; it featured characters and a loose continuity from the 2002 Spider-Man movie (except Aunt May, who was seen only in photographs throughout the series). Spider-Man was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.


The CGI version of Marvel's popular superhero features the voice talents of Neil Patrick Harris as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Lisa Loeb as Mary Jane and Ian Ziering as Harry Osborn. Assuming this series fits into the movie continuity, it takes place sometime after the first (as Norman Osborn is dead). Here, Peter has graduated from high school and is attending Empire State University. Still burdened with the desire to use his incredible, spider bite-derived powers to do good, he finds it hard balancing his responsibilities of being a superhero with schoolwork and his romance with Mary Jane Watson.



Voice talents

Role Voice actor
Spider-Man / Peter Parker Neil Patrick Harris
Mary Jane Watson Lisa Loeb
Harry Osborn Ian Ziering
Officer Barr Edward Asner

Guest voice talents

  • Stan Lee did the voice of Frank Elson in the last two episodes: (12, 13) Mind Games.
  • The heavy-metal singer Rob Zombie did the voice of Dr. Curt Connors / Lizard in episode 3, Law of the Jungle.
  • Rap Star Eve lent her voice to Talon in Keeping Secrets.
  • Kathy Griffin did the voice of Roxanne, one of the Gaines Twins in Mind Games 1 and 2.
  • Michael Clarke Duncan reprises his role as Wilson Fisk / Kingpin from Daredevil in Royal Scam.
  • Jeffrey Combs is the voice of a professor in Heroes and Villains (episode 1.06) and Dr. Zellner in Flash Memory (episode 1.09).
  • James Marsters (Spike of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) voiced the leader of a high-tech gang of mercenaries named Sergei in Tight Squeeze and Mind Games: Part 1.

Villain appearances


  • MTV aired the episodes out of order.

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