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  • F.B.I. (Only appearance)[1]
    • Agent Mosely (Only appearance)[1]
    • Special Agent Roberts (Only appearance)[1]




  • Limo
  • Helicopter

Synopsis for "Royal Scam"

Spider-Man is duped by the infamous Kingpin into stealing the TX-1 super-chip, designed to de-crypt the confidential satellite transmissions that drive the world's financial markets. Disguised as federal agents, Kingpin's henchmen convince Spider-Man that he should steal the chip from the "mob" and return it to them, the FBI. In return for doing his country this service, he is promised that the bureau will let it be known that Spider-Man helped them out, an endorsement greatly needed in order to improve his rock bottom public image. Of course this patriotism takes its toll on Peter's social commitments. Mary-Jane Watson has a three-night acting showcase that Peter has promised to attend. He misses the first night when Spider-Man learns he was tricked into stealing the chip and must track down Kingpin; on the second night Peter is temporarily abducted by real FBI agents. The third night culminates with a climactic action sequence where Spider-Man outmaneuvers Kingpin for the chip so that he can return it to the real FBI. The real question however is whether Peter will have enough time to make it to MJ's last performance.


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