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The rider takes the position as one of Spider-Man's "Spider-Friends", helping take down numerous villains loose in the city. First they briefly meet Daily Bugle Editor-In-Chief, J.J. Jameson, who believes these villains' existence is the fault of Spider-Man, before encountering their first foe.

The Scorpion is swiftly defeated before he can get to the rider, as they use their Web-Shooters to collapse some rubble above him.

Next, Lizard reveals his plan to leak his formula into the city's water supply, but the Spider-Friends damage some pipes, spraying him with nitrogen gas.

Electro appears, shocking citizens aboard the subway before being short-circuited by a spray of water.

Green Goblin then tries to attack the Spider-Friends directly, but Spider-Man grabs on to the bottom of his glider, ripping out important wires and causing the Goblin to crash.

The Spider-Friends then find the last villain, Doctor Octopus, in his hideout, as his men gather supplies. Thanks to the Spider-Friends' distracting him by knocking down crates, Spider-Man is able to knock out Doctor Octopus with another crate.

As the Spider-Friends come to the end of the ride, they see the cast of villains, webbed up for collection by law enforcement.


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  • Spider-Man: The Ultimate Ride was a motion-based 3D dark ride at Marvel Adventure City. Riders are able to experience an adventure as they ride through New York City, stopping several villains and their nefarious schemes alongside Spider-Man.

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