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Synopsis for "With Great Power... Part Three"

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  • AMAZING FANTASY #15 introduced us to Spider-Man…and as it said in those pages, “As his first TV spectacular ends, Peter Parker breathes the first sweet scent of fame and success!”
  • Now for the first time ever, writer Dave Lapham (TERROR, INC.) and artist Tony Harris (Ex Machina) explore the story of Peter’s heady days and sleepless nights living the celebrity life!
  • As a wrestling superstar, show-stopping sensation and major moneymaker, this dweeb’s hit it big! But even before being forced to discover that with great power must come great responsibility, will the ol’ Parker luck rear its ugly head? How could it not?


  • This issue shows Jonah Jameson "declaring war" on Spider-Man before the time of his television appearance. This is contradicted by Original Sins #3, which has Jameson initially giving Spider-Man's TV appearance a glowing review.

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