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-- Silver Surfer

Appearing in "Sports Day!"

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  • Teacher

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Synopsis for "Sports Day!"

Hulk and Thing carry sports equipment to the sports field, while Spider-Girl, Beast, Captain America, the teacher, Silver Surfer and Spider-Man prepare for the events.

The first event is the hurdles, and Spider-Man wins with Silver Surfer coming second and Captain America coming last.

The second event is the long jump. Hulk wins, Silver Surfer comes second again and Beast comes last.

The third event is the high jump; Spider-Girl wins, Silver Surfer comes second again and Spider-Man comes last. By this point the Silver Surfer looks a bit upset.

The fourth and final event is discus. Captain America wins, stating the discus was like throwing his shield. Silver Surfer is second for the fourth time and Thing comes last.

Silver Surfer is upset; Spider-Man reminds him that he won the most medals on the day and the Surfer says that he loves silver!


  • Beast's Story Time (page 3 - 6)
  • Sports Gear! (page 7)
  • Story Quiz! (page 8)
  • Workbook (page 9 - 16)
    • Super Sports! Colour-in (page 10 - 11)
      • Featuring Captain America, Doctor Octopus, Hulk, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Thing and Storm
    • Bring on the Colour! Page 6, panel 3 (page 12 - 13)
    • Storm's Sums! (page 14)
    • Super Shadows! (page 15)
      • Featuring Rhino, Iron Man, Wolverine, Cyclops and Spider-Man
    • Lost and Found! Wordsearch (page 16)
  • Spot the Difference! (page 17) Page 3, panel 1
  • Hidden Heroes! (page 18 - 19)
  • Sketch Spidey! (page 20)
  • Spidey Mask! (page 21)
  • Octo-Post! (page 22 - 23)


  • Silver Surfer is the only character to appear in all four activities.

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