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Quote1.png Because guys like you and me, we take our victories where we can get 'em. And I can see plenty of people who think, today was a complete success. Quote2.png
Ben Grimm

Appearing in "Secret Wars: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Secret Wars: Part Two"

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Solicit Synopsis

  • When the Beyonder created Battleworld, he stocked it with far more than Earth’s greatest heroes and worst villains.
  • Now, two of these other elements, the city of Denver, Colorado and a warlike alien race known as the Spindlies, are on major collision course.
  • With the other heroes occupied elsewhere, it’s up to Ben Grimm and the amazing Spider-Man to stand or fall with the city. But who will save them from their powerful on-again, off-again, ally...Doctor Doom?

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