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Quote1.png But to be more mysterious, remember I'm just a figment of your own warped reality, so why believe what I have to say? You're fighting Galactus. You can't believe anything. In a battle that bends the light of reality, mere shadows have no chance. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Right Now"

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  • Galactus. Arguably the most powerful being in all creation. The sole survivor of the universe that came before our own. The deadliest threat to not only those the Beyonder has stranded on Battleworld, but even to the planet itself.
  • Galactus. A being so powerful that his mere presence warps all reality, twists what is real and what is false.
  • Galactus. The being that Spider-Man needs to stop, aided by an Enchantress who may be real, or may be false, and a certain black costume that’s all a part of the game of…Galactus.

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