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On a blistering hot afternoon, Peter is walking to the house of a brilliant scientist, Doctor Smartyr, when suddenly he notices that the sidewalk and most of the neighborhood is turning to ice. Hearing desperate cries for help from Smartyr's house, Peter changes into Spider-Man and breaks through a laboratory window to find the frightened scientist being menaced by towering ice creatures. Spider-Man is frozen and the creatures take Doctor Smartyr. Spidey then tracks them to their iceberg. When he arrives, lots of different traps await him. He finds them, and jumps onto one and when he's just about to hit them, Doctor Smartyr yells at him to stop. The creatures turn out to be an alien race of 'Plutonians' and are not hostile. They are seeking out Dr. Smartyr for a way to help them get back to their planet. They ride in a diamond up to their own planet, and Peter takes a picture for J. Jonah Jameson, although, when he shows it to him, Jameson says he'll be laughed out of the newspaper!


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