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In Latveria, Dr. Doom does battle with a powerful individual known as Goron, who can shoot beams with many properties from his eyes. Doom confirms for himself that Goron has the power to teleport objects to and from differing locations. Doom proposes a partnership in order to combine their powers and take over the world. Doom invites the world's leaders to Latveria in order for them to witness for themselves Doom's most powerful discovery: a growth process for crops, making them very large in size. Meanwhile, Johan's father discovers that Doom has created an android duplicate of his son for propaganda purposes in order to fool his foreign guests. With his guests off-guard, Doom uses Goron to control their minds and gets his partner invited to New York, where he demonstrates his growth ray-beams. Spidey investigates Goron, but is attacked. After escaping from Goron's trap, Spidey follows him to Cape Canaveral, where he was supposed to be using his eye-beams on an orbiting space platform in order to feed the world. Instead, Goron imprisons the scientists there, and after dealing with Spider-Man again, manages to steal an important guidance system of a grounded spacecraft. Then, he activates every nuclear missile of the country, and holds the world to ransom unless Doom is proclaimed ruler of the world. Spidey battles Goron, with only five minutes left before the missiles' launch, and attempts to avert disaster. 


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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