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Air Force One is temporarily captured by Doctor Doom’s airship base, and Doom attaches a mind control device onto the President. With the plane overdue, and journalists waiting at the airport, Peter changes to Spider-Man and rents a plane to the President's last known location. Spider-Man manages to climb on board Doom's blimp, but Doom jettisons both Spider-Man and Air Force One, which continues on its journey with Spider-Man not knowing of Doom's mind controller. Doom continues to kidnap all of the members of the U.N. assembly, attaching mind controllers to each of them. To prevent Spider-Man from interfering any further, Doom sends out a nuclear-powered robot to fight Spidey in the sky. After defeating the robot, Peter is sent on a photo assignment to the U.N. building, where he witnesses Doom kidnapping the secretary-general, the last free-willed assembly member. Doom traps Spidey on his airship, while he directs the mind-controlled U.N. assembly to vote Doctor Doom master of the world. Spider-Man escapes from Doom's ship in the nick of time, and devises a plan to defeat Doom and free everyone from his mind-controller.


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