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Dr. Bradley Shaw and his manipulative assistant Penny study Spider-Man and his powers carefully, with the intent of duplicating them for their own purposes. After obtaining a sample of Spider-Man's blood, they discover that the catalyst for his powers was radiation. In the meantime, Peter uses any excuse possible to avoid giving blood at the Bugle, since his blood contains the aforementioned radioactive elements. Penny forces Shaw to experiment on himself, to give him the powers of Spider-Man. She allows him to receive an overdose of radiation in addition to an injection of spider D.N.A., and instead of simply duplicating Spidey's powers, he is turned into a half-human half-spider mutation known as Nephilia. He goes to the Bugle and webs up Jameson to get Spider-Man's attention. Soon, the two spider-men meet up and clash with each other. Spider-Man finds out that a nephilia spider was sold to Dr. Shaw and goes to his workplace, where he discovers a message from Penny telling him that she and Nephilia will rob an armored shipment of gold. It falls to Spider-Man to protect the shipment of gold and find a cure to return Dr. Shaw to normal, as well as fooling Jameson that he has in fact donated some blood.


The general plot of this episode was reused in the episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends entitled Attack Of The Arachnoid.

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