"Wrath of the Sub-Mariner"

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"Wrath of the Sub-Mariner"

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The crime boss Silvermane comes to New York to call a truce with the Kingpin. The Kingpin himself has had his scientist, Dr. Everett, create a new and powerful dissolvent fluid, capable of eating through anything. The resultant toxic waste from production of the fluid is dumped in the river, where the pollution poisons Namorita, Namor's cousin. Namor takes her to a surface hospital, where she is treated for the poisoning. Namor then goes on a rampage, creating chaos in the city, while destroying anything that produces pollution. Spider-Man turns up to stop him from causing any more destruction, and the Sub-Mariner is convinced to get his message on pollution across by using the Daily Bugle. Meanwhile, Spider-Man tails further crime bosses, who have arrived in New York, and finds them all converging at a remote location. Namor takes Jameson on a tour of the area, showing him the effects of pollution on the environment, and soon finds Spider-Man in trouble with the crime lords. Namor rescues Spider-Man and tracks the pollution that poisoned Namorita to the Kingpin's hideout. The Kingpin puts it to the other bosses that they should join their forces, using the new dissolvent as his bargaining chip. Namor fights with the crime bosses, but ends up being defeated and imprisoned. With Namor facing being thrown into a vat of the dissolvent, only Spider-Man can save him from the Kingpin's forces.


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  • Thor's alter-ego, Dr. Donald Blake, has a cameo appearance in this episode.
  • The Kingpin's scientist, Dr. Everett, may have been named after the Sub-Mariner's creator, Bill Everett.

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