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After saving a gem courier from a couple of muggers late one night, Spider-Man is contacted by a talent scout called Hal Hunter, who was observing him nearby. In reality, Hunter is working for the Kingpin, and he is told to use an offer of money to lure Spider-Man into taking photographs of an art exhibit at the Graham Arts Museum. Unbeknownst to Spider-Man, the camera he used contained infra red film that the Kingpin's goons use to find the location of the sensor beams guarding the statue, and manage to steal it. The next day, with Spider-Man blamed for the statue's theft, the Bank Bonanza quiz show offers a grand prize of a million dollars. Hunter offers Spider-Man the job of "courier" to transport the money to the show, but the real money was stolen by the Kingpin's forces, with Spider-Man giving the studio a case full of counterfeit bills. With Spidey now blamed for the theft of the money as well, he figures out that Hunter set him up, and after visiting him, is offered one last job to fix the Hapsburg Clock above the International Diamond Exchange. The Kingpin decides that Hal Hunter has outlived his usefulness, and decides to get rid of him after this last job. With Spider-Man now knowing that Hunter has been using him on behalf of the Kingpin, he prepares to prevent the Kingpin from stealing diamonds from the exchange and save Hunter.

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