"Under the Wizard's Spell"

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"Under the Wizard's Spell"

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  • Wizard's Hovership

Synopsis for "Under the Wizard's Spell"

A couple of roller-bladers terrorize vendors in Central Park, with Spidey showing up too quickly deal with them. Medusa appears and confirms to the police that Spider-Man had nothing to do with the trouble. She claims to be just visiting New York, but has in fact been invited there by the Wizard, her old partner in crime. She refuses his offer of joining forces with him, so the Wizard gives Medusa an irremovable collar forcing her to work for him. Together, they steal cylinders of the rare metal element Niobium, so that the Wizard can construct an anti-gravity weapon. Medusa accidentally drops two of the cylinders and the alarm is sounded. Spider-Man turns up and fights the Wizard, not believing that Medusa is working for him again. The Wizard escapes, leaving Spider-Man and Medusa to talk about her problems, but she quickly leaves to join up with the Wizard before he does anything to the collar. The Wizard asks Medusa to steal an electronic component from a military base with Spider-Man's help. She tricks Spider-Man into helping her steal the component, and the Wizard then traps Spider-Man in his lair. Trapped in a room with increasingly hot walls, Spidey has to figure a way out in time to stop the Wizard and his anti-gravity weapon.


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