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  • Dr. Jerome (Only appearance)[1]
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  • Subway Car


All of the reptiles in Central Park Zoo are released by the Lizard to cause chaos and confusion. Spider-Man is able to save all of the people trapped by the escaped reptiles, but an encounter with a gorilla let loose by the Lizard leaves Spider-Man unable to notice the Lizard stealing all the zoos' reptiles. In his underground lair, the Lizard derails two subway cars, creating an impenetrable breeding ground in-between them in the subway tunnel. In the meantime, Spider-Man attempts to rid himself of a troublesome cold that has begun to affect him. Spider-Man finds out about the Lizards' subway plans, but is unable to stop him from sealing off part of the subway tunnel. Eventually, he digs his way into the sealed breeding ground, but is overrun by the amassed reptiles and the Lizard escapes. With time to spare, Spider-Man heads for the nearest doctor to try and solve his current sneezing problem. The Lizard then completes his master plan by activating a weather control device, turning New York into a humid jungle, and then releasing his army of reptiles. A still-suffering Spidey then faces the Lizard and his reptiles, and attempts to return the city to normal.


  • Despite the Lizard's appearance, there is no references in this episode of his true identity of Curt Connors.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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